Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review
Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review9
Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review9
Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review9
Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review9
Nekrokraft - 'Servants' - Album Review9
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Five-piece Swedish Black Thrash Metal band Nekrokraft bring their debut full-length album to the world and show off their elaborate blend of darkness with a high pace so that every aspect compliments each other to make a beast of an album.

The fast beat of the drums is matched with Thrash guitars and heavy riffs along with a sinister vocal that you would expect from the darkest corner of Black Metal. Servants is something to behold and makes you lose your mind.

From start to finish the Thrash smashes you in the face and beats you into submission, whilst the Black Metal enters the veins and takes over, leaving you completely helpless and in a wondrously dark place where you find the odd melodic insert giving a glimmer of light in the pitch black.

Nekrokraft have bought something unique and great to Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Heavy Metal in general, providing a true reminder of why we listen to this wonderful style of music.



Ed Ford





Track List


  1. ‘Mouth Ov Ahriman’
  2. ‘Lechery’
  3. ‘Gateway To Damnation’
  4. ‘Servants Ov The Black’
  5. ‘Rotten Husk’
  6. ‘Brimstone and Flames’
  7. ‘Eternal, I Am’
  8. ‘Dance of the Nekrolythes’
  9. ‘Plague’



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