Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review
Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review 10
Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review 10
Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review 10
Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review 10
Nale - 'Death, Skulls & Satan' - Album Review 10
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What more can be said about the Swedish metalers Nale other than they are they are fast, loud and amazing. With a not so subtle sound, sledgehammers spring to mind, they have come up with an absolutely stunning album. Death, Skulls & Satan is a Punk, Metal, Thrash slightly Death Metal fest that you just can’t ignore.

The opening track ‘Slither’ is a belter than smashes you right in the face and lays the foundations for what is to follow. Hard, heavy and just what the doctor ordered. ‘Filth’ follows hard on its heels and is harder and heavier than you would expect with a nice dirty machine gun like riff that hits the spot and meshes nicely with the screaming lyrics of Mathias Blom.

Quite unexpectedly the album takes a strange but nice turn with a kind of Redneck Metal that wouldn’t be amiss on a Hellyeah or Texas Hippie Coalition album, and believe me it’s an amazing track and one of the best on here. Normal order is resumed with the title track ‘Death, Skulls & Satan’, a Motorheadesque style fast and furious affair, no explanation needed and another contender for song of the album.

‘Exit’ is just fast and heavy leaving you in no doubt as to what these guys are about unlike ‘No Escape’ which while fast is seriously riff packed and groovy as hell that’ll have you jumping around like a lunatic. ‘Drive’ throws another curve ball showing that these guys can go from melodious to Death Metal in a heartbeat and this is something that Lamb Of God would be proud off.

‘The Black’ is more of a grinder and has a more sinister beat to it that makes it what it is an amazing track. ‘Hells Wrath’ is a combination of ‘No Escape’ speed, riffage and groove with ‘Drive’ like vocals to give it that killer track sound, the best track on this for those interested. ‘Smasher’ and ‘Pigs’ close out the album much the same way it started, fast, furious and aggressive, just what you want in an album.


Death, Skulls & Satan is out now Via Black Lodge and is not to be missed!


Nale are

Mathias Blom                  Vocals

Tomas Akvik                  Guitars

Anders Ljung                  Drums

Johan Risberg                  Bass


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