Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review
Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review7
Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review7
Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review7
Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review7
Mushroomhead - Volume III - DVD review7
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Mushroomhead are a well-travelled band, with a plethora of releases behind them, and now they bring us this latest release via DVD.

Containing over 90 minutes of new material the DVD is compiled by music videos from the new tracks, along with live footage from gigs, recorded both professionally and through mobile phones. The music videos are filmed in high quality and it is a cinematic experience, with dramatic super slow motion scenes in between the tracks, and then we have the contrast with the self recorded activities whilst the band are on the bus or shooting range or generally messing around. This approach displays whole new light on the band, away from the masked personas that are used on stage.

The videos themselves range from the group being in a snowy baron land, to them preaching sermons in a church in the opener, a tribute to the Evil Dead and old school horror films to being set in a war room and everything in between.

Musically there is a real range in the tracks from Hard Rock, to Metal using numerous vocalists, both male and female, with a common groovy catch beat, riff heavy guitars and then the choice of vocal, either hard rock female vocal, heavy gruff or clean male vocal. The change in the vocal makes for a very versatile album that is fun to listen to.

This is a great way to engage more with the fans as you are immersed into the visual antics and experiences of Mushroomhead that solely listening to an album cannot provide anda must for any fan of the band.

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