Municipal Waste

 ‘Slime and Punishment’

 Album Review

Nuclear Blast 

What more can be said about these guys other than they are the embodiment of sarcastic/sardonic fun in a Thrash crossover fest. Every song on their latest, highly anticipated installment is typically Municipal Waste, short, sweet and deadly, in a good way. These guys are like a 24 hour party all the time and consistently poke fun at society and all its trappings and failings. There is a big Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, maybe even a bit of Exodus feeling off this album, and it is class, giving it a real late ‘80s early ‘90s Punk Thrash feel.


With fourteen tracks coming in at just under thirty minutes, fans are quite familiar with the quick witted speed of the songs. But one thing that stands out on all the tracks is the band’s tightening up musically, and the extra guitar that Nick Poulos adds does not go astray, but enhances the sound even more.


‘Breathe Grease’ opens up in typical Municipal Waste style, fast and in your face, and it’s a perfect way to start off on this journey of speed and fun.


‘Enjoy the Night’ and ‘Dingy Situation’ continue in similar fashion, and are followed up by the blisteringly fast ‘Shrednecks,’ which gives you an insight into what these guys are about.


‘Poison the Preacher’ is a blast from the past and is a typical Municipal Waste song that has a nice thrashy head banging feel to it. ‘Bourbon Discipline’ demonstrates how far the band have come along in terms of musicianship, while sticking to the Thrash manifesto of speed and power.


Title track ‘Slime and Punishment’ is possibly the best track on the album, heavy bass and drums, snarled vocals and shredding guitars. All you can ask for from the band and then a little more, you just gotta love it. Another stand out that gives the aforementioned track a run for its money as best on the album is ‘Under Waste Command.’ Although it is an instrumental, it is an amazing track and gives you an idea of how good these guys really are. \m/ \m/


‘Death Proof’ is the longest track on the album. Don’t let this put you off – it’s still less than three minutes, and is full to the brim of Municipal Waste at their best, fast and nasty.


The final track is ‘Think Fast,’ and it is a cross between a CroMags and Suicidal Tendencies track, with some Nuclear Assault for good measure, and a great way to finish it off.


This is a class album from a great band and is well worth a listen. If you have never heard any off their music before, start here and work back through the catalogue. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.


Slime and Punishment is out 23rd June Via Nuclear Blast Records



1. Breathe Grease 1:49

2. Enjoy the Night 0:49

3. Dingy Situations 1:39

4. Shrednecks 2:16

5. Poison the Preacher 2:01

6. Bourbon Discipline 2:31
7. Parole Violators 2:30
8. Slime and Punishment 2:22

9. Amateur Sketch 1:45

10. Excessive Celebration 1:29
11. Low Tolerance 2:21
12. Under the Waste Command 1:50 13. Death Proof 2:52
14. Think Fast 2:30


Municipal Waste are:

Tony Foresta         Vocals

Ryan Watse            Guitar

Phil Hall                  Bass/Vocals

Dave Witte              Drums

Nick Poulos             Guitar



Municipal Waste - 'Slime and Punishment' - Album Review
10Overall Score
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