MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review
MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review 8
MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review 8
MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review 8
MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review 8
MotorJesus - “Race To Resurrection” - Album Review 8
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This is exactly what you want form a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal album, packed full of head banging anthems stuffed to the gills with ripping solos, chugging groovy riffs and catchy hooks that will have you singing and humming them all day.

Thirteen tracks of motorised mayhem blending Classic Hard Rock with modern Heavy Metal. It mashes the pedal to the floor with the opening track ‘Tales From The Wrecking Ball’ with an AC/DC style hook just to get you interested and then it ramps it up from there with a major beat and some seriously classy vocals, not to mention some serious shredding.

The pace doesn’t slow for possible the best track on the album ‘King Collider’, a monster with a chugging riff backed up by some thundering drums and a ripper solo just out of the breakdown. ‘Re-Ignite’ follows in a similar fashion keeping you pinned to the seat. By the time you hit ‘The Infernal’ you need a pit stop and that is what you get here. A nice slow power ballad that gives you pause to catch your breath, singer Chris Birx gives a real grungy vocal performance here and it is amazing, very powerful.

‘Burning Black’ brings you crashing back to the reality and slaps you in the face with groovy riffs and pounding drums, and I can guarantee you will be singing, nay screaming along to this track as it is so catchy. ‘The Damage’ and ‘The Storm’ follow hot on its heels and they are no slouch either pushing you faster and faster as you race into the ‘Engines Of War’, a real foot stomper that ups the tempo, if possible, dropping the hammer and going into overdrive as it pounds and pulsates through your head leaving you in a heap on the floor wondering what just hit you.

‘Awaken The Tyrants closes out this epic race and it is exactly what you would expect and want to squeeze the last ounce of energy out of you, big brash and in your face.



Race To Resurrection is out now, don’t get left at the starting line and pick it up now!




Tales From The Wrecking Ball
King Collider
Speedway Sanctuary
Casket Days
The Infernal
Burning Black
The Damage
The Storm
Engines Of War
The Chase
Running Out Of Time
Awaken The Tyrants


MotorJesus Are:

Chris Birx                  Vocals

Andy Peters         Guitars

Oliver Beck         Drums

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