Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review
Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review10
Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review10
Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review10
Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review10
Monster Truck - True Rockers - Album Review10
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Two years have passed since the incredible Sittin’ Heavy was released and it’s been a busy period for the Monster Truck juggernaut. Touring with Deep Purple, Black Stone Chery, Jane’s Addiction, Alterbridge and playing Ramblin’ Man Fair, Download and Rock On The Range, to name a few, the band have been extremely busy so resorted to recording on the road.

This album is the sound of the band letting loose and having fun, which comes clear as soon as the album title track starts up and the toe begins to tap. ‘True Rocker’ is a real feel good track that makes you feel that being a ‘True Rocker’ is certainly something to be proud of.

The Blues Rock feel is already all over the album and the inclusion of the organ is subtle but spot on. The solos are perfectly balanced and placed, riffs are whisky soaked and the voice is that of a fun loving front man.

The album continues to blast off any cobwebs as the upbeat rockers blast their way through some rifftastic songs that lead to some outlandish sing-alongs. ‘Evolution’ is made for the festival scene and sounds huge as the sounds fill every cell in the body whilst ‘Young City Hearts’ is as good an uplifting song as will be heard and ’Undone’ slows things down a little to walking pace as the smooth southern influence oozes down your ear canal.

Monster Truck have accomplished something that many try and most fail to do. The fun and excitement that the band felt when they recorded the 11 tracks on the album is communicated to perfection whilst their love for the music they make is shared for our delight. This is true triumph for Rock music that all should allow themselves the pleasure of experiencing.


Ed Ford



True Rockers is released September 14th 2018 on Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

Track Listing:

  1. True Rocker
    2. Thundertruck
    3. Evolution
    4. Devil Don’t Care
    5. Being Cool Is Over
    6. Young City Heart
    7. Undone
    8. In My Own World
    9. Denim Danger
    10. Hurricane
    11. The Howlin’



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