Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review
Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review 8.9
Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review 9
Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review 9
Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review 8.9
Minshara - 'Overnights - EP Review 9
9Overall Score
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Electronic Pop Punk band ​Minshara ​are back with a brand new EP. After spending a long three years on tour they band finally found the time to get back in the studio and give us Overnights.

The EP is a new direction for the band while still keeping that radio friendly pop punk sound. Tracks such as ‘The Escape’ have that high energy sound that we first heard on their debut album ​iO. ​While ‘Superstition’ showcases the new direction the band is heading in while still being super catchy. ‘Winter is Coming’  meanwhile pulls some exciting harmonies and is very reminiscent of ​The Beach Boys​ which is exactly what the band was going for. Each track has a different sound while still keeping that energy filled consistency. The EP has this very clean feel that allows the melodies to shine through and show the bands talent.

Minshara have created something that is so easy to enjoy and like. They provide this good vibe through their music and it’s just so infectious. The boys have clearly worked hard to get where they are and I’m sure they’ll be back on the road soon but let’s hope they find some time to continue writing and bring out a full length album.

Overnights was just released and is in stores everywhere on Polar Phat Records.

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