Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review
Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review 10
Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review 10
Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review 10
Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review 10
Ministry - 'AmeriKKKant' - Album Review 10
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As you would expect Amerikkkant sticks firmly to the Ministry’s Industrial Metal sound and as Al Jourgensen is the godfather of Industrial Metal and the only original member, Ministry have been well established in the bands 36 year run and Amerikkkant does not disappoint with nine tracks – lasting a neck breaking, 50 minutes 40 seconds.

As you can guess from the album cover and the name Amerikkkant, Ministry have something to say and right off the bat, ‘I Know Words’ the first track on the album has some amazing cello work with a lot for sampling of some orange face dude, this sets up the rest of the album and tells you very quickly Ministry are not happy, Uncle Al is quite angry with the state of the America at present. Ministry have never been conform to the norm and have always made music with a point and the aim to get you to think, whether you agree or disagree at least you’re using your grey matter.

Once the rest of the band kicks in, the rest of the album starts to sound more like the old Ministry making you want to mosh your troubles away.

We’ve all been waiting for this album for nearly five years and nice to know Ministry and Industrial Metal is not dead.

Justin Bradley

Track list:

  1. I Know Words
  2. Twilight Zone
  3. Victims of a Clown
  4. TV5/4Chan
  5. We’re Tired of It
  6. Wargasm
  7. Antifa
  8. Game Over
  9. AmeriKKKa


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