Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review
Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review 7
Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review 7
Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review 7
Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review 7
Michael Schenker Fest – ‘Resurrection’ - Album Review 7
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When it comes to a Rock ’n’ Roll resume, no one’s is longer than ex UFO/Scorpions guitarist, Michael Schenker. Thanks to his solo career, Schenker has worked along side a number of musicians especially vocalists, so what better way to show off this legacy than by bringing the key figures back; Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White. That’s right folks, four vocalists in one album.
With special guest appearance from Metallica gunslinger Kirk Hammett during “Heart & Soul” and the combination of all four vocalists during the large “Warriors,” this still can’t save the introduction to this album from sounding as flat as a pancake. Life does begin during, probably the strongest track on the whole album, “The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes” which reeks of a cheesy, AOR style – with keyboardist Steve Mann shining brightly here. It is obvious that Schenker is paying tribute to the eras and styles his singers worked with him, with “Everest,” featuring Graham Bonnet on vocals sounding like it came from a Rainbow album and the fun, upbeat “Messing Around” that mirrors the classic Schenker track “Armed & Ready” with Gary Barden taking over on the vocals.
The catchy, battlefield style of bringing the vocalists back for a big song continues during “Time Know’s When It’s Time,” a track that would have been a better single to release than “Warriors.” Of course it’s not a Schenker album without the main man himself showing off his sensational skills, which he does during the instrumental “Salvation” which may keep to a repetitive and boring drum beat throughout but the listener will be too distracted by Schenkie’s face melting solo work. In reference to the album’s cover, “The Last Supper” brings this work from this colossal brotherhood to a close with each vocalist coming back for one last hoorah and Schenker’s solos fading to black.
The verdict may still be out on this album. While the concept behind it and the gathering of these talented musicians coming together once again will warm the nostalgic hearts of many MSG fans. That being said, majority of this album is just one gigantic mess as the tracks sound too boring and flat –  plus there are many times (primarily with Bonnet and McAuley) that the vocals were too over processed; almost like they are auto tuned if you will.
One hopes that for the next album there will be less focus on the production and more focus on the songs. Plus one hopes Schenker will be on good terms again with some of the members from the Scorpions or UFO who could maybe bring some extra life to this fellowship.
Marc Leach


1. Heart And Soul 4:20
2. Warrior 5:21
3. Take Me To The Church 4:46
4. Night Moods 4:29
5. The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes 3:48 6. Everest 3:42
7. Messing Around 4:34
8. Time Knows When It ́s Time 4:23
9. Anchors Away 4:26
10. Salvation 3:38
11. Living A Life Worth Living 3:51
12. The Last Supper 4:52

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