Michael Landau - 'Rock Bottom' - Album Review
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Michael Landau, renowned for his instrumental work, has taken somewhat of a left turn with his latest release Rock Bottom. Michael has found his voice on this, his latest offering through Provogue. It’s a quirky piece of work meshing his musical influences and fine guitar work, a trippy ride at times, reminiscent of Hendrix or Robin Trower in feel, but with Landau’s signature style.

As expected, the guitar work is first class and to be admired. For those hoping for a typical instrumental piece of work, the inclusion of vocals may challenge some, a bit like Satriani hitting the notes on ‘Flying in a Blue Dream’ back in the day, but time is a healer. I jest of course, Landau can carry a note no problem, and his vocals blend seamlessly with the finely penned songs on Rock Bottom.

A classy album from start to finish, Rock Bottom will sit beautifully alongside Landau’s body of work to date.


Rock Bottom is released February 23rd via Provogue.


Track List


  1. ‘Squirrels’
  2. ‘Bad Friend’
  3. ‘Getting Old’
  4. ‘We All Feel the Same’
  5. ‘We’re Alright’
  6. ‘One Tear Away’
  7. ‘Poor Dear’
  8. ‘Freedom’
  9. ‘Heaven in the Alley’
  • ‘Speak Now Make Your Peace’





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