Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review
Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review 9
Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review 9
Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review 9
Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review 9
Metal Allegiance - 'Power Drunk Majesty Vol II' - Album Review 9
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When you hear the words “Supergroup” it sends chills down the spine and in most cases not the good kind, as they tend to have very talented musicians but no cohesion or chemistry, but in Metal Allegiance it could not be further from the truth and you have a true “Supergroup”.

Formed in 2014 by Mark Menghi he enlisted the amazing talents of David Ellefson on bass, (Meagdeth), Alex Skolnick on guitar, (Testament) and (Mike Portnoy), most notably of Dream Theatre, on drums. While the band does not have an official singer they have guest vocalist lending their talents for recordings and live shows. “Punch Drunk Majesty” is the second full length offering and it is a brilliant all round album with something for everybody, from good old Rock and Roll to heavy hitting Death-esque Metal featuring the vocal talents of Trevor Strnad,

The Black Dahlia Murder, John Bush, Armored Saint, Bobby Blitz, Overkill, Max Cavalera, Soulfly and more. It kicks off with “The Accuser” and doesn’t let up until the final notes of the last track “Power Drunk Majesty(Part II) with the amazing voice of Floor Jansen from Nightwish. The most notable tracks come from John Bush, who in fairness when he puts his voice to anything it just seems to make it that much better, on “Bound By Silence”. Bobby Blitz similarly puts in a shift in his inimitable style, rattling out lyrics like a machine gun with a nasty back beat to give him all the ammo he needs. “Terminal Illusion” with Mark Tornillo is another track that just seems to beat you about the head while sounding like a very angry Brian Johnson, which is a really good thing!!! The track that really stands out is “King With A Paper Crown” with Amon Amarth front man Johan Hegg, a grinding groovy track that is in stark contrast to Hegg’s vocal style but is a ripper tune. Max Cavalera being Max gives us a little bit of tribal brutality that wouldn’t be a miss on a Soulfly or Cavalera Conspiracy album, a really solid track. “Impulse Control” has a real Megadeth feel to it and tears along nicely with a nice chugging riff and some serious shredding.

The title track “Power Drunk Majesty” comes in two parts and each is as good as the other. In part one Mark Osegueda lays the vocals down as only he can to a savage drum beat and tasty guitars while Floor Jansen gives part two a melodic feel with her amazing vocal range and is a great way to finish the album.


Power Drunk Majesty Vol II is out now via Nuclear Blast. .


Metal Allegiance are

Mark Menghi

Alex Skolnick

David Ellefson

Mike Portnoy

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