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These Australian rockers, who describe their sound as ‘good-time-murder-fuzz,’ are back with their fourth studio album entitled Mount the Mountain, release date 28th April 2017. They’ve stuck to their guns and produced another monster of a record.

Mammoth’s Mikey Tucker says: “We’re pumped to roll out the new songs across some of our favourite clubs in Europe. Writing this album was like working on a top fuel drag car. We stripped back the engine, then rebuilt it to run faster, louder and more badass. This time though we added nitrous … and a cup holder.”

The album kicks off with the title track ‘Mount the Mountain,’ which along with most of the album is a riff-driven, drum and bass-fueled cocktail capped off with Mikey Tuckers’ gravel toned vocals, creating a raucous sound that will have the neighbours moving house.

The explosive guitar riffs laid down by Ben Couzens, flowing effortlessly with the bass of Pete Bell and the drums of Frank Trobbiani, are the key to this entire album, where they create the foundation for Mikey to take each and every song to the next level. This is proven as you work your way through this baddass collection of tunes.

‘Spellbound’ is next up, with a familiar formula, followed next by ‘Hole in the Head,’ which will have the crowd singing the chorus back straight away. Next up is ‘Kickin’ My Dog,’ which ups the pace and has a really catchy repetitive drum beat that will have you stomping your feet wherever you are.

‘Procrastination’ proves the notion that the drums and bass are the platform for all good songs, and no more so than on this track, where the pace is slowed down after the previous tune. ‘Sleepwalker’ is another slower paced song with a lot more vocal recognition.

‘Epitome’ and ‘Hard Way Down’ will have you breaking every speed limit if played in your car. They are fast paced and infectious. Again the instruments provide an awesome backing to Mikey’s vocals.

‘Wild and Dead’ starts off with Frank and Pete providing the platform with the drums and bass, before Ben comes in with his powerhouse guitar, before we are taken into the last track titled ‘Cold Liquor,’ which again shows the tight musicianship of the band.

You may think it’s over and you’ve had your balls blown off, but wait, what is this, a bonus track?

Well, possibly not what you’d expect. But as a hat tip to their fellow Aussie Kylie Minogue, they have recorded as only they can a madhouse version of the tiny pop star’s hit ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head,’ which is a much better version than the original.

All in all you will not be disappointed with this latest offering, as you are taken on a journey with these crazy Aussie rockers, which will have you wanting more, and definitely make you want to catch them live at a venue near you.


Mount The Mountain is available from April 28th Via Napalm records.


Mount the Mountain Track List


  1. ‘Mount the Mountain’
  2. ‘Spellbound’
  3. ‘Hole in the Head’
  4. ‘Kickin’ My Dog’
  5. ‘Procrastination’
  6. ‘Sleepwalker’
  7. ‘Epitome’
  8. ‘Hard Way Down’
  9. ‘Wild and Dead’
  10. ‘Cold Liquor’
  11. ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ (Bonus Track – Kylie Minogue Cover)


Tour Dates May 2017


02.05.2017  Dresden Ostpol club show Germany

03.05.2017  Osnabrueck Bastard Club club show Germany

04.05.2017  Cologne Sonic Ballroom club show Germany

05.05.2017  Duesseldorf Pitcher club show Germany

06.05.2017  Oberwolfach Wolfsklause Festival Germany

07.05.2017  Utrecht DBs club show Netherlands

08.05.2017  Frankfurt Nachtleben club show Germany

09.05.2017  Hamburg Hafenklang club show Germany

10.05.2017  Kiel Schaubude club show Germany

11.05.2017  Chemnitz AJZ club show Germany

12.05.2017  Cottbus Zum faulen August club show Germany

13.05.2017  Lichtenfels Paunchy Cats club show Germany

14.05.2017  Linz Stadtwerkstatt club show Austria

15.05.2017  Munich Feierwerk club show Germany

16.05.2017  Stuttgart Goldmarks club show Germany

17.05.2017  Wuerzburg Immerhin club show Germany

18.05.2017  Saarbruecken Garage club show Germany

19.05.2017  Luzern Bruch Brothers club show Switzerland

20.05.2017  Olten Coq D Or club show Switzerland


Mammoth Mammoth are:


Mikey Tucker – Vocalist

Ben Couzens – Guitar

Pete Bell – Bass

Frank Trobbiani – Drums


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