Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review
Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review 8
Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review 8
Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review 0
Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review 8
Madball - “For The Cause” - Album Review 8
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NYHC legends Madball have seen and done it all and coming up on thirty years in the game they are set to release their ninth full length studio album “For The Cause” released last month on the 15thof June.

Thirteen tracks that rip by in the blink of an eye full of everything you’d expect from a hardcore album and from a band of this calibre. Tracks like the first one of the album “Smile Now, Pay Later” and “Rev” typify what Madball are all about, in your face with no apologies and no quarter asked or given.

Powerfully put together with distorted guitars, pounding drums and Freddy Cricien screaming for all his worth in his own in imitable way. “Freight Train” and “Tempest” continue the onslaught and hit just like the latter name suggests with grinding riffs and pounding drums in a thrash/hardcore crossover fest. The first of two tracks with guest vocals is “Evil Ways” featuring iconic rapper/thrasher Ice-T and it pulls no punches in a straight up hardcore track, while Tim Timebomb lends his talents on “The Fog” a blistering old school type quick fire track and very catchy.

The album continues in the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” fashion and it is one of the many attributes that you have to admire about Madball, that they don’t veer too far off what brought them to the table in the first place and the fact that they sound so tight musically helps in spades. The album as a whole is really solid and not one of the tracks would be out of place on any of the previous eight releases and is well worth a listen to.


For The Cause is Out Now



Madball are

Freddy Cricien                           Vocals

Jorge Guerra                           Bass

Mike Justain                           Drums

Matt Henderson                           Guitars (For The Cause)

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