Lizzy Farrall - 'All I Said Was Never Heard' - EP Review
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UK born singer-songwriter Lizzy Farrall unleashes her debut EP All I Said Was Never Heard on January 5th. A collection of emotive and personal stories told as only Farrall can should resonate with her young audience. Spoken from the heart, Farrall has delved deep pulling on her heart strings to bring us this finely penned EP.

The first single ‘Better With’ is probably the most up-tempo number on the EP and fitting of a single. The video, directed by Henry Cox of Boston Manor, marries the lyrics and visuals beautifully. In an era where the singer-songwriter is king, Farrall could be queen.


All I Said Was Never Heard is out January 5th Via Pure Noise Records.


Track List

  1. ‘Broken Toy’
    2. ‘Pack of Wolves’
    3. ‘Better With’
    4. ‘Better Off’
    5. ‘Hollow Friends’


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