Leaves’ Eyes - 'Sign Of The Dragonhead' - Album Review
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This is the seventh album released by Leaves’ Eyes and the first full length release with new vocalist Elina Siirala and what an addition she is.

Sign Of The Dragonhead begins with the album’s title track and it’s clear that the Viking sails are set and the band have domination of the Power/Symphonic Metal genre as the destination.

The album has the perfect balance of the of classical piercing vocals by Siirala, supported and contrasted by band member Alexander Krull and his gruff deep vocals.

‘Riders On The Wind’ highlights how this like listening to a musical audiobook, telling its story in a highly enjoyable way that is quite simply straight out of the Top Drawer.

‘Rulers Of Wind And Rain’ is a Viking era instrumental track swiftly followed by ‘Fire In The North’ which puts us straight back into the incredible voyage that is Sign Of The Dragonhead followed by ‘Waves of Euphoria’ which includes more vocals by Krull than any other track and demonstrates a flexibility for this band that can add an extra dimension to a track without losing their identity.

This release should put Leaves’ Eyes at the forefront of everyone’s minds when not only thinking about the Viking theme but also the Symphonic Metal genre. Raise the drinking horns and prepare for this quite stunning work of art.

Sign Of The Dragonhead is out Friday 12th Jan Via AFM Records 

Track Listing

  1. Sign Of The Dragonhead
    02. Across The Sea
    03. Like A Mountain
    04. Jomsborg
    05. Völva
    06. Riders On The Wind
    07. Fairer Than The Sun
    08. Shadows In The Night
    09. Rulers Of Wind And Waves
    10. Fires In The North
    11. Waves Of Euphoria

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