Kreator – ‘Pleasure To Kill’ – Remastered – Album Review

Kreator are now one of Metal’s most respected bands, but it wasn’t always so. Their debut Endless Pain was a curious release at the time and still is to some. They followed it with their first EP in Flag of Hate, which is tagged along here at the end of this re-mastered nine-track classic ‘Pleasure To Kill’

Released in 1986 and amongst some revered company, this album did not hide itself in shame. It is a Thrash laden, Death Metal twisted slab of excellence that had the Metal world on its tiptoes looking in when first released.

This album is a must have for any Metal Head. 31 years later, and it’s only their most recent release Gods of Violence that can truly sit alongside this album for its brilliant head banging, head turning majesty.


The album itself has nine tracks and is leaner than a super fit greyhound. You simply can’t fault tracks like ‘Ripping Corpse’ and ‘Riot of Violence.’ The riffs slay fast and are catchier than one would imagine, and enslave you the more you listen to them. But this reissue will probably save you half a dozen or so listens to realise that, as the production is top of its class.

Inspirational Metal is something that has to be marvelled at, and this band launched a thousand bands and more off the back of this release for sure. Thereafter the band released the odd fine album but they never found this kind of rage and spite again. Young minds were behind this, young Germans determined to rip your teeth out and then go at you again.

The three songs from the EP Flag of Hate present themselves at the end of Endless Pain and are high in quality. The song ‘Take Their Lives’ is one you really will enjoy if fierce Metal warms your heart; it’s a nice treat indeed and again produced and remixed beautifully. This album has gone into the top 100 in Germany after the reissue, and that fact won’t be lost on the lads. They’re still as relevant today as this album was in 1986.


Let’s lay our cards out here if we may – if you already own this recording then there is a case to reinvest. It isn’t littered with extras or goodies but it has a fine feel to it, and the quality of the music is second to none. If you don’t own this then you should. Some will say that the murky sound of the original is lost, but this is how the band would have wanted it to sound if they could back have in 1986.

If you are curious about it from the point of collecting classics or seeing how it used to be done, this is the time to whip that wallet open and lay down the cash! You will be leaving with an instant classic of Metal. Who doesn’t need that in their lives? Right?

Reviewed by Sean-Paul 

‘Pleasure To Kill’ is available now in Digital,CD and Vinyl.

Track List

  1. Choir of the Damned
  2. Ripping Corpse
  3. Death Is Your Saviour
  4. Pleasure to Kill
  5. Riot of Violence
  6. The Pestilence
  7. Carrion
  8. Command of the Blade
  9. Under the Guillotine
  10. Flag of Hate (Flag Of Hate EP)
  11. Take Their Lives (Flag Of Hate EP)
  12. Awakening of the Gods (Flag Of Hate EP)





Kreator - 'Pleasure To Kill' - Remastered - Album Review
9Overall Score
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