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During the turbulent years of Metal in the mid to late 90’s as the “Big 4” were making fair to middling music, there was one band that was staying true to their roots and producing something that was more akin to Thrash Metal. With the emergence of Nu-Metal and Grunge Thrash, Metal in general was on the slide, but then came this little gem.

The eight studio album from Kreator was immense and as the name suggests, Outcast, it was exactly that and it was exactly what the metal scene needed. Brash, loud, ballsy and most importantly thrashy. Thirteen tracks full of snarling, nasty glorious music. Tracks like ‘Phobia’, ‘Nonconformist’, ‘Outcast’, ‘Stronger Than Before’ and ‘Against The Rest’ are what makes this album stand out, tracks that are rooted in Thrash but with a twist.

“Black Sunrise” is quite possibly the stand out track on this album with its slow grind and near spoken vocals. This was an album that for many was a saving grace as it helped keep thrash and as the title suggests, the Outcasts, in the spotlight. It is a classic that often goes unrecognised for the gem that it is.

Also with the reissue is an eleven track live album from Dynamo in 1998 containing some of their best work to date with the likes of “Terror Zone”, “Pleasure To Kill” and “Extreme Aggression”.

As reissues go this is definitely one that you don’t want to miss.



Track List:

  1. Leave This World Behind
  2. Phobia
  3. Forever
  4. Black Sunrise
  5. Nonconformist
  6. Enemy Unseen
  7. Outcast
  8. Stronger Than Before
  9. Ruin Of Life
  10. Whatever It May Take
  11. Alive Again
  12. Against The Rest
  13. A Better Tomorrow

Bonus Tracks (Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998):

  1. Intro: Dr. Wagner, Part 3
  2. Terror Zone
  3. Lost
  4. Leave This World Behind
  5. Phobia
  6. Black Sunrise
  7. Choir Of The Damned
  8. Pleasure To Kill
  9. Whatever It May Take
  10. Extreme Aggression
  11. Renewal

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