Endless Pain (Remastered)


Founded in 1982, Kreator have been the flag bearer for European Thrash and Speed Metal ever since. Endless Pain was their first album, and it is a classic! Much better now, as it has been remastered, and you get to hear the undoubted talent and technical ability which the band possesses in abundance. Included in this release are six demos which whilst are great to listen to, and to have as part of your collection, you can’t help but gasp at the quality of the recordings as they are so poor.

Endless Pain was released in 1985, recorded inside ten days and it is without a doubt one of the best offerings of its time. Fast, punchy and extremely aggressive, all the things we’ve come to expect from Kreator over the years, but much, much rawer, as you would expect from their debut album. It is deemed by many as the heralding of a new era in Speed Metal and quite possibly the birth of Black Metal.

With Millie and Ventor sharing vocals, ranging from high pitch to guttural snarls, and phenomenal riffs, it’s hard to believe that they recorded this as a three piece. At times there is a hint of Metallica and Slayer from a few years previous, but that is where the comparison ends, as Kreator have a more unique and primal sound which they use to great effect. Tracks such as ‘Endless Pain,’ ‘Total Death’ and ‘Bone Breaker’ are testament to this, and the epitome of Kreator, ‘Flag of Hate,’ with its infectious, primal groove, represent the blueprint from which they launched such an illustrious career.

As the original was recorded in the ’80s it still sounds good, considering the technical limits that they had then, but the remastered version is a must for anyone’s collection. Even though it still has the raw violent energy of the original, it is a more polished version soundwise and gives a completely different and much more enhanced listening experience.

The original is a classic and was a massive launch pad for possibly the best European Thrash band ever. This just gives it the extra bit needed to push it to legendary status.

Review By Conor O’Hanlon


Kreator are:


Millie Petrozza – Guitars, lead vocals

Jurgen ‘Ventor’ Reil – Drums, vocals

Rob Fioretti – Bass




Kreator - Endless Pain (Remastered) - Review
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