Koch Marshall Trio - 'Toby Arrives' - Album Review
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Koch Marshall Trio is a sublime collaboration between three finely in sync musicians that are simply on another level. Father and son Greg and Dylan Koch are the backbone to this trio, along with Toby Lee Marshall providing the balance with an all-encompassing performance on the Hammond B3 organ.

What you get is an incredibly tight performance that you get with a family setup, with father and son psychically in sync throughout. Mesh that with Marshall’s loose and colourful display on the organ and you have this mesmerising connection among the trio that is just mouth watering.

Slick guitar playing from Gregg, subtle effective playing from Dylan and sultry work on the Hammond just leave you in a state of awe as you simply lose yourself in the transcendent musicianship throughout.

This is a superb recording that offers a little somethin’ somethin’ for everyone. With a flurry of styles on display, there’s plenty to be admired across the board.


Toby Arrives will be released on Mascot Label Group’s new imprint
The Players Club on February 23rd 2018.


Track List


  1. ‘Toby Arrives’
  2. ‘Funk Meat’
  3. ‘Heat the Boogaloo’
  4. ‘Let’s Get Sinister’
  5. ‘Mysterioso’
  6. ‘Enter the Rats’
  7. ‘Boogie Yourself Drade’
  8. ‘Sin Repent Repeat’





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