King Creature have dropped their debut album Volume One. The band, originally from Cornwall, have made their mark, and this is clearly just the beginning for these guys. With a sound that can be compared to that of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden but with a more modern edge, the only way is up. King Creature have already had a fairly impressive start in the music scene having played with big hitters such as Mötorhead and Megadeath as well as playing festivals like Bloodstock. Now with their debut album out, you might want to check these guys out.

The first single to be released was ‘Lowlife’ and is the first track on the album. It is full of heavy riffs and gritty vocals. The guitar solo is strong and powerful, which is what gives these guys that extra edge. The sound is pure heavy rock and will definitely have you banging your head.

‘Can’t Be Saved’ shows a softer side to King Creature. While the lyrics still hold that edge, the drums and guitars are much softer. Picking up slightly towards the chorus, there is still something almost hypnotic about this track. In a sharp contrast you have ‘Wrath,’ which is certainly fast and heavy. With screeching guitars and a heavy back beat, it could be mistaken for another band be it not for the melodic and gritty vocals. That is until the soft melodic guitars in the bridge, which highlight this band’s versatility.

Other highlights from the album include their second single ‘Can You Forgive Me?’, ‘Fortune Teller’ and ‘The Pusher.’ It is an all together well rounded album which showcases the pure talent that this entire band has. From the start you are drawn in with spectacular guitars that are epic, from the riffs to the solos and everything in between. King Creature have certainly made a name for themselves and if this album is anything to go by I’m sure we’ll be hearing more great music from these guys in the future.


Volume One was released on 29th September on Marshall Records.


Track List

  1. ‘Lowlife’
  2. ‘Fortune Teller’
  3. ‘Can’t Be Saved’
  4. ‘Dead Inside’
  5. ‘Power’
  6. ‘The Pusher’
  7. ‘Can You Forgive Me?’
  8. ‘Money’
  9. ‘King for a Day’
  10. ‘Wrath’


Band Members

Dave Kellaway – Bass and Vocals

Matt K Vincent – Guitar and Vocals

Dave Evans – Guitar

Jack Sutton-Basset – Drums



King Creature - 'Volume One' - Album Review
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