Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review
Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review 9
Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review 9
Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review 9
Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review 9
Khemmis - 'Desolation' - Album Review 9
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Desolation is the third offering from Denver, Colorado’s Khemmis. The album builds on their already impressive back catalogue with a battering-ram of down-tuned guitars, screaming twin guitar licks and melodic vocal lines that alternatively tug at the heart strings and get the head banging.  Often several times within the same song.

The Doom Metal influences are clear to hear but to pigeon-hole the band is to seriously underestimate the rich soundscape on offer.  The crunching down-tuned chords that introduce album opener ‘Bloodletting’ are paired with twin guitar straight from the Maiden songbook; lead single ‘Isolation’ delivers a stirring intro that gives way to a song of heavy, head-banging, melodic brilliance.

There is an impressive range of vocal styles demonstrated throughout, the clean and the scream being blended with aplomb.  Take the soaring emotion of ‘Flesh to Nothing’ – growling vocals are followed by a melodic chorus that segues effortlessly into a gut wrenching guitar line.  Stirring stuff.

The musicianship on offer throughout is clever, tempo shifts changing the mood within songs without ever straying into pretension.  Make no mistake, this is Metal that is entirely of Khemmis’ own making.  And it sounds great.



 Pete Wooding




Track Listing

  1. Bloodletting
  2. Isolation
  3. Flesh to Nothing
  4. The Seer
  5. Maw of Time
  6. From Ruin



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