Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review
Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review10
Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review10
Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review10
Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review10
Kamelot - 'The Shadow Theory' - Album Review10
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Lets cut to the chase, Kamelot return with a belting album that is top drawer from start to finish.

The Symphonic Power band are without doubt unique, creating music that empowers the listener passing the power into body through this special experience of being encompassed by The Shadow Theory.

The Hard Rock/Power guitars, paired with the swift beats of the drums and the magical vocals mixed with occasional electronic samples make this a multi layered masterpiece that is a non-stop sing along.

‘Burns To Embrace’ has an intro that sounds like a Depeche Mode track that leads to some medieval seafarers music and then the power rises as you sour into the complexity of the human mind that Kamelot has based this record around.

‘In Twilight Hours’ is a beautiful piano lead track where Kamelot are joined by German singer Jennifer Haben just to add an extra string to their fantastically crafted bow.

Whether you are fan of Symphonic Metal, Power Metal or just great music, this is a must for every music fan that I cannot wait to see live at Bloodstock Festival in August.

Ed Ford

Track Listing

1 The Mission
2 Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)
3 RavenLight
4 Amnesiac
5 Burns To Embrace
6 In Twilight Hours
7 Kevlar Skin
8 Static
9 MindFall Remedy
10 Stories Unheard
11 Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)
12 The Proud and The Broken
13 Ministrium (Shadow Key)
14 The Day of Sunlight (Bonus)










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  1. Jason

    Great album and awesome review! I love how they added some cool new elements but never left the Kamelot we love.
    See them at KOKO!


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