Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review
Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review9
Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review9
Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review9
Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review9
Kaleb McKane - 'Universe In Reverse' - EP Review9
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Kaleb McKane drops his teaser EP Universe In Reverse later this month and it is quite the statement of intent, bold brash and breathtaking. McKane is clearly a serious talent and one to keep an eye on if this EP is anything to go by, a vivacious introduction which clearly separate’s himself from the crowd.

Think Bowie meets Muse, meets Jimi Hendrix, meets the 21stcentury.

Kaleb McKane, remember the name, it’s going to be everywhere pretty soon.


Universe In Reverse is out July 27th




Universe In Reverse

Psycho Sexual Supernova

Lack Of Gravity






Check out the testimonials:

“If Bowie, Hendrix and Porcaro were up in heaven having a jam, this is what it would sound like – Talk To God by Kaleb McKane” Guy Bellamy – Great Music Stories

Chris Kimsey – Producer (The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Marillion, The Cult, Soul Asylum, Yes, INXS, Anti Nowhere League):
“Kaleb McKane is someone amazing. His voice is really special, love his guitar work, and we love his music”

Steve Brown – Producer (ABC, Alison Moyet, George Michael (Wham!), Freddie Mercury (Queen), The Alarm, The Cult, The Manic Street Preachers, The Pogues):
“One of the best singer/songwriter rock guitarists I have heard this decade – an extreme quality”

Terry Brown – Producer (Rush, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Joe Cocker):
“Kaleb is quite the talent, major productions and epic stuff!”

Mike Berry – Actor and recording artist (founder of The Outlaws with Ritchie Blackmore):
“If this guy doesn’t make it as a rock star the world is not a fair place”

“This guy and his band are astonishing” “A real highlight of the festival” “Truly awesome” –   Wildfire Festival

Live Shows
Launch gig: Camden Assembly – September 19th
Hard Rock Hell – November 10th
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalebmckanemusic/
Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/kalebmckanemusic/
Twitter: @kalebmckanerock
Website: www.kalebmckane.com

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