Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review 8
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review 8
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review 8
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review 8
Kadavar - Live in Copenhagen - Album Review 8
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Kadavar belong on the stage. Anyone who has seen the sweat dripping spectacle of their shows can testify to this. Live in Copenhagen is a worthy substitute for the real experience, providing a raw and intensely energetic representation of their contemporary live performances.

As the successor to their debut live effort Live in Antwerp (2014), Live in Copenhagen not only matches but surpasses the quality of this album. Inclusion of tracks from Berlin (2015) and their latest studio album Rough Times (2017) can be thanked for this, their polar opposite styles forming a setlist that boasts of such variety that its verging on adopting a split personality.

Opener Skeleton Blues is a fantastic depiction of the doom fuelled material on Rough Times. The bass is even more prevalent live, its fuzzy tones driving and propelling Lupus Lindemann’s guitar solos, intensifying the trippy sonic attack that the band have carefully crafted over the years.

The sheer energy and vibe that Kadavar generates shifts from outbursts of adrenaline to solos that soothe and take the listener to another realm entirely. It’s not a coincidence that a sizable population of the band’s audience are stoners.

Tribulation Nationis a perfect example of the potential transformations that studio recordings can be elevated to when performed live. Two extra glorious minutes provide a series of drum fills and frantic guitar solos with eventual feedback descending into a calming and rhythmic interlude courtesy of bassist Simon Bouteloup. This then merges beautifully into the psychedelic masterpiece Purple Sage. Live introductions to Purple Sage have shifted throughout the years and the example on Live in Copenhagenhas that atmospheric and foreboding charm that incites images of rituals and the occult.

As a whole, Live in Copenhagen is a brilliant live album. The listener gets a true sense of the sheer energy of the band to the point where you can almost picture the whiplash inducing headbanging or Tiger Bartelt’s psychotic facial expressions as he assaults his drum kit.

For those who haven’t witnessed Kadavar in the flesh, Live in Copenhagen provides the perfect incentive to see them as soon as possible.



Amy Lawrence


Live in Copenhagen will be released October 12th via Nuclear Blast

Track List

1            – Skeleton Blues

2            – Doomsday Machine

3            – Pale Blue Eyes

4            – Into The Wormhole

5            – The Old Man

6            – Die Baby Die

7            – Black Sun

8            – Living In Your Head

9            – Into The Night

10            – Forgotten Past

11            – Tribulation Nation

12            – Purple Sage

13            – All Our Thoughts

14            – Come Back Life






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