Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review
Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review 9
Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review 9
Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review 9
Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review 9
Just About Done - I Am Getting By - EP Review 9
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Just About Done ​are ready to release their 3rd EP ​I Am Getting By ​on the 19th October. The Australian band have decided to tell a story with this 3 track offering which has been released in installments.

The first part is “Strain” which is all about coping with a breakup. The lyrics which are supported by the music video give a clear insight into the thoughts that come about how it can be a relief in the end. It also looks into the strains of keeping a friendship after and how it might be better to cut the bonds. The video is very cleverly shot as the moments are going backing in time and show what appears to be someone being potentially irrational in a situation. The track itself is high energy with a catchy riff that pulls you in.

The second track is “1029” which comes with another accompanying video. The lyrics for this give a sense of when a relationship is going through a hard time and the video reflects this in what appears to be an argument that is once again played in reverse. This track has a real punch to it and continues with those catchy sounding riffs.

The third and final installment is “Peacemaker”. While no video has yet been released, the assumption is it will end/begin the story. After seeing the first two parts, there is a lot anticipation for what will be the next part for the full storyline to become apparent. The track has a much softer start but continues into the bands big sound that delivers hard hitting riffs and melodies.

Just About Done have gone back to that feel of concept music which has been done in the past by bands such as Green Day. These concepts make a listener take the time to play an album from start to finish and that’s exactly what these guys are trying to bring back. The three tracks are clearly telling a story which so far has pulled us in and makes us want to find out more!




Just About Done Self-Release ‘I Am Getting By’ On 19/10/18.


1. Strain

2. 1049

3. Peacemaker


Currently Announced Live Dates (Australia): 23rd September – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne | 29th September –Fat Louis, Brisbane
More from Just About Done: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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