Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review
Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review 10
Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review 10
Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review 10
Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review 10
Jungle Rot - 'What Horrors Await' (Reissue) - Album Review 10
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This album was first released in 2009, and reissues are normally left for 20 years or more before they see the light of day. But thankfully Jungle Rot decided not to wait that long, as this is unbelievable. It was their sixth official release, and it is an absolute stonker, 14 tracks of a brilliant blend of good old fashioned Thrash and Death. And if you missed it nine years ago, you are in for a massive treat.

‘Worst Case Scenario’ opens up proceedings with an absolute stomper of a tune, mashing you in the face with blistering guitars and nastily-growled vocals and this savagely brutal theme is carried out in the 13 tracks that follow.

‘Straight Jacket Life’, ‘State of War’ and ‘Two Faced Disgrace’ are absolute barn burners and give you a real feel of what these guys are all about. Having been around since ’92 these guys know what’s what, and it’s one of the best things about them, as their sound hasn’t really changed, giving it a real old school feel.

Tracks like ‘Nerve Gas Catastrophe’ and ‘Atrocity’ are full-on Death Metal with the feel of the originators themselves Death coming through on ‘Atrocity’, and it is a joy to behold. With a Destruction cover thrown in for good measure, ‘Invisible Force’, the album closes with ‘Black Candle Mass’ in suitable fashion for a searing finale.

Overall a classic album, and if you missed it first time round, now is your chance to get your hands on it.

You won’t be disappointed






Jungle Rot for What Horrors Await are:

David Matrise                  Guitar/Lead Vocals

James Genenz                  Bass/Backing Vocals

Geoff Bub                           Lead Guitar

Eric House                           Drums











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