Former Dead Daisies and INXS front man Jon Stevens is back with a brand new solo album Starlight. Set for release on 15th September, Stevens shows us a more soulful and deeper sound of himself through this 11-track album. Recorded in LA and Nashville, all of the songs are co-written with Dave Stewart, co-founder of the Grammy-winning duo Eurythmics, who also produced the album as well as played guitar. With other special guests including Ringo Starr and Vanessa Amorosi, this album is full to burst with fantastic talent.

Stevens has had an impressive career so far, right from his debut at just 16, releasing two consecutive number one singles in New Zealand, all the way to fronting some of the biggest bands in rock. Stevens has shown success as both a front man, songwriter and solo artist, and has written some of the biggest hits, including The Dead Daisies’ ‘Lock N Load’ with guitar icon Slash.

Starlight is a soulful masterpiece that can only come with so much experience in the music industry. Each track is beautifully written and leans heavily on everything that Stevens has learned, experienced and mastered. “I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve as a songwriter. But I always try to write things that people can relate to. We all go through the same things. We all have this emotional roller coaster called life.”

Lead single ‘Hold On’ is a classic powerhouse track from Stevens that as an opening track really showcases Stevens’ talent. With a strong chorus and a soulful feel, the track really is outstanding.

‘Devil in My Heart’ is a real catchy track which is full of outstanding guitars and fast lyrics. The guitar riffs are truly amazing and give the track an edge that makes it such a highlight from the album. Played by Dave Stewart, you can feel the connection, and Stevens has said “We met each other for the first time and pretty much fifteen minutes later started writing songs. We just had great chemistry and we understood each other. We write from the heart. We write what feels good.”

Stevens’ voice as always is fantastic to listen to and the lyrics are so catchy you’ll find yourself singing along!

Another superb highlight is that of ‘One Way Street’ with guest drums from The Beatles’ Ringo Starr. This track is much softer and definitely one of the more soulful tracks from the album. The track is a beautiful and deep song that holds a special place for Stevens himself. “It’s just such an amazing honour. It’s probably my favourite song on the record really, because it’s such a deep song, and it’s not every day you get to meet one of The Beatles, let alone get one to play on your record!”

Each track on the album is a masterpiece in itself and covers a wide spectrum of sounds, from the soulful ‘Oh Lord’ to the life affirming ‘What Makes You Happy, ’ not forgetting the amazing ‘All About the People,’ with guest vocals from Vanessa Amorosi.


Starlight will be released on 15th September on BMG.




  1. Hold On
  2. Oh Lord
  3. Feel Like Letting Go
  4. Scars
  5. U.C.
  6. Devil In My Heart
  7. Something Bout You (feat. Vanessa Amorosi)
  8. One Way Street
  9. What Makes You Happy
  10. Starlight
  11. All About The People | | Twitter @JonStevensMusic


Jon Stevens - 'Starlight' - Album Review
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