Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review
Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review 9
Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review 9
Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review 9
Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review 9
Imperial Domain - 'The Deluge' - Album Review 9
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Formed in 1994 Swedish Melodic Death metalers Imperial Domain set out to conquer the world and had set about it in the right way with two outstanding demos in 1995 and 1996 which earned them a two record deal, 1997’s In The Ashes Of The Fallen and 2000’s The Ordeal. All looked rosy in the garden and then in 2003 they disbanded. 2014 brought about a reunion which was to usher in new music but unfortunately singer Tobais Heideman passed away, this did not deter the band from continuing to make music and after finding a new singer, Andreas Oman, they have come out with this amazing new album.

‘The Deluge’ is eight tracks of pure hauntingly Melodic Death metal with a serious kick. ‘True Face Of War’ starts off so innocently until it blasts you in the face with a barrage of guitars, drums and not least of all vocals, gruff low and nasty, just what you want to get you up and running. It doesn’t stop there believe me, the title track ‘The Deluge’ is possibly the best track here, it’s hard to describe it, but it is a real mash between a Metalcore/Thrash/Death sound with an unbelievable beat to it and manages to sound eerily like Death with a very similar guitar sound and tasty vocals, it is hard to pin it down but it makes the song a real standout.

‘The Future Is Lost’ is fast paced punchy number, full of heavy riffs and guttural vocals and a weird kinda of 70’s vibe that transforms into an Yngwie Malmsteen-esque,classical solo before it falls back into the heaviness. ‘Conspiracy’ follows hot on its heels and it is another serious assault on the senses with a haunting back drop of angelic like harmonies throughout. ‘Withdrawn From Life’ is a lovely slow grinder that just seeps into your bones and you feel immersed in the song without realising, another standout track. ‘Eternal’ speeds thing back up nicely as and it has a seriously melodic, near spooky, groove to it. ‘Evanescent’ is a nice little folksy, Shakespearian type instrumental, showing that these guys can do nice and mellow along with nasty and aggressive, a nice little pause for thought before the final chapter on this album ‘Ever Since That Day’, a track that goes up and down like a rollercoaster, fast slow, screaming vocals to spoken word, an absolute epic way to close out a pretty epic album.





The Deluge is out 10th August

Andreas Öman – Vocals
Peter Laitinen – Guitar
Philip Borg – Guitar
Alvaro Svanerö – Drums


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