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Rite is the follow up to Idlewar’s epic 2015 Impulse, and much like its predecessor it is big and ballsy. Chock full off great tracks and catchy hooks that really get you going. From the opening strains of ‘Sullen Moon’ you know you about to embark on a serious musical journey.

James Blake sounds like a cross between Bon Scott and Whitfield Crane and his voice just melts into your brain and takes over. But make no mistake, this is a hard rock album with some serious groove and power. It is fast, slow, up, down and everything in between and has to be a contender for album of the year.

The stand out tracks – and it’s hard to pick as there are so many amazing ones on the album – would have to be the opener ‘Sullen Moon,’ ‘Keep Your Word,’, ‘Sing Loud,’ ‘Strain’ (quite possibly the best of them all), ‘Panic’ and ‘You’re Gone.’

This is a big, brash, ballsy album of Hard / Heavy Rock with a touch of Blues.

Rite is out now.

Track List – RITE

  1. Sullen Moon
  2. Break
  3. Keep Your Word
  4. Sing Loud
  5. Come to save
  6. Hold on
  7. Strain
  8. Panic
  9. Caught
  10. Hang
  11. You’re gone



Idlewar are:

James Blake – Bass/Vocals

Rick Graham – Guitar

Pete Pagonis – Drums


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