Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review
Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review9
Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review9
Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review9
Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review9
Hyro The Hero - 'Flagged Channel' - Album Review9
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The combination of Rap and Rock music can raise a few eyebrows as many have tried and most have failed, quite miserably if we’re being honest. However here we have Hyro The Hero, who firstly redefined the blended sound in 2011 with the debut album Birth, School, Work, Death and now pushes the boundaries even further.

Let’s be clear this is a true Rapper with true flows and rhymes that is expressing his views using the backing of some fantastic Rock and Heavy Metal music creating a sound that is the perfect mixture.

Throughout the album there are huge guitar riffs and heavy bass guitar, matched with some crisp and clear drumming along with a differing of paces through the tracks and all of this with Hyro vocalising over the top.

‘Live Your Fuckin Life’ is a heavy tune, which switches between the Heavy Rock/Metal and the traditional Rap sound whilst ‘Devil In Disguise’ was co-written and features Munky from Korn and as you can imagine is truly Metal!

This release shows how accomplished Hyro and his team are, with seamless transitions and then faultless blends that shouldn’t be prejudged on a genre title. If you’re a Rap fan, a Rock or Metal fan or just a fan of passionate music this is a must listen.


Flagged Channel is released June 29th 2018 via Red Music / Sony


Ed Ford



Track Listing

  1. Bullet
  2. We Ain’t Afraid
  3. Live Your Fuckin Life
  4. Sick Of It All
  5. Locked Loaded Ready
  6. Killas Are Comin
  7. Devil In Disguise
  8. Get The Fuck Up
  9. Do Or Die
  10. Closed Casket
  11. Never Back Down
  12. Let The Snake Show

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