Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review
Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review 8
Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review 8
Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review 8
Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review 8
Homesafe - 'One' - Album Review 8
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Homesafe are back with another cracking album full of raunchy guitar riffs and big melodic sing along hooks to get your teeth into. Thirteen tracks that let you shake off the mortal coil and let loose with these addictive anthems, old school vibes fused with contemporary melodic beauties have ensured Homesafe have delivered a beauty on all fronts.  The album opener ‘Point Blank’ and following track ‘Run’ lay down the foundation for a blistering array of gritty and frantic riffs laden tunes that sound reminiscent of the likes of the Foo Fighters and their peers. A highly enjoyable collection of songs that make you wanna shake your ass along with the tunes ain’t no bad thing,

“We were 17 and 18 when we started the band,” Rumchaks explains. “We’ve just grown so much as people, and that reflects in the music we’re writing.”“When we first started touring, it was a really big growing experience,” Albertson adds. “This record shows us having seen a lot of the world and starting to form a lot of views about it. I think our old music was more homebody.” “As young adults finding our place in society, we’re looking for ways to cope with everything going on and looking for a sense of understanding,” Albertson says. “On a small level, that’s personal relationships—broadening out to the way we see the world around us. The world has changed so much in the past two years, more than any of us have ever seen.”

Homesafe are back and better than ever with One, a gnarly and audacious album, perfect in its imperfection and a must have for any Homesafe fan.


One is out June 29th Via Pure Noise Records





Point Blank


Say Something

Sadistic Society

Stay Away

Have It All

Vanilla Scented Lazer Beams

Suits And Ties

I Don’t Know How

Time Aint Free

Get It Right

Sideways Sleeper


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