Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review
Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review 9
Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review 9
Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review 9
Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review 9
Hell’s Gazelles - 'Take Your Medicine' - Album Review 9
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Hell’s Gazelles new EP Take Your Medicine comes in at 5 songs long and it really does pack a punch and a half. These Hard Rock hitters don’t mess around with first track ‘Give Me Something’ with Classic Rock riffs, followed by impressive highs from vocalist Cole Bryant. A terrific solo over twenty seconds long comes in toward the end of the song and one last chorus wraps up this spectacle of an opener.

‘Stone Cold’ starts off power chord strong, followed by heavy riffage. Excellent guitar and drum work lead to very catchy verses but what this song really does, is shows musicianship, showcasing individually their fantastic abilities. Into the third track and definitely no slowing down from this Oxfordshire quartet. Catchy Choruses, harmonising guitars, before another fantastic guitar solo, easily one of the strongest tracks off of this EP.

‘Take Your Medicine’ usage of backing vocals in the chorus, make this a good one for live crowds to get involved with. More soaring vocals and fine guitar work featuring two guitar solos, bringing this track to an end. Last but certainly not least, ‘She Devil’ the longest track on this EP, features catchy riffage throughout, more excellent guitar harmonising and in general a very strong track to finish off this solid effort from Hell’s Gazelles.

From the exceptional highs of the lead singer to the thunderous bass guitar, each individual makes their mark on this exciting record which absolutely deserves attention.

Peter Watts




Self-released Take Your Medicine is out now


Track Listing:

1. Give Me Something
2. Stone Cold
3. Out Of Time
4. Take Your Medicine
5. She Devil


Hell’s Gazelles Tour Dates:

11.08.18 – Watford / Bosleys

17.08.18 – London / The Big Red

25.08.18 – Royston / Reaperfest

More dates to be announced

Hell’s Gazelles Line-up:


Cole Byrant – Vocals

Nath Digman – Guitar

Rik Ridemark – Bass

Luke Evans – Drums

For more info:





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