The Hellbound Hearts have unleashed a relentless attack on the senses with their debut full-length album Film Noir. The Yorkshire trio hit the ground running and start as they mean to go on with a full force, in your face behemoth of an album.

Kicking off beautifully with the album opener ‘Suffering The Radio’ you immediately sense there’s no bullshit here. Cracking riffs, hefty vocals and even bigger hooks announce their intent like a smack in the face. Instantly you know what the guys are all about, heavy purposeful rhythm’s with melodic undercurrents, the guys have it all and in abundance. ‘Broken Hearted’ taunts you with its haunting theme testing the senses and it doesn’t fail to deliver on a big addictive chorus either. ‘Poor Disguises’ gave me a kinda WTF moment when I first heard it as it was a totally unexpected diversion from the previous tracks, a bit like ‘Chop Suey’ by System Of A Down.  Now that’s not a bad thing, its since become one of the highlights of the album for me, a behemoth of a riff, Danny Lambert thrashing frantically before the vocals come in and take you in a different direction.

The guys took a brave step in going back to the drawing board with ‘Film Noir’, regrouping and recharging with a new set of tracks they felt were more inline with the sound they wanted to put out.  Danny, lead vocalist and guitarist, explains “It wasn’t working, we’d had some changes and time to reflect, and whilst the songs were good, we strongly wanted to be our own band and not be like a 1000 others flooding the market. So we canned the album, went back to the drawing board and re-grouped, re-composed and wrote a bunch of new songs, much more fitting with our sound.”  It was a great move, and its hard to fault ‘Film Noir’, it just brings hit after hit as you run through this well thought out and well penned debut album.

‘The Light We Cannot See’ is the perfect example, huge sounding guitars and melodic throughout as Danny, Craig and Lee lash their way across this mammoth sounding track. It doesn’t stop there. ‘Still We Wait’ lures you in with a subtle intro before throwing you back against the wall with a gargantuan riff. No time to take a breath here, every track delivers and its cohesive throughout. Heavy purposeful riffs and big melodic chorus’s make it easy on the ear at the same time, perfectly balanced so you can rock the fuck out and not hurt the morning after!

You see where I am going here; this album is a blistering example of how to approach a debut album. Its individual and addictive at the same time, the guys have found their own voice in an overcrowded and heavily saturated market and they’ve announced themselves with an album to be proud of.  Not by knocking at the door and asking to come in, but by kicking that motherf**ker off its hinges! Well played sirs, I tip my hat to thee.

Film Noir is released April 7th 2017 and the guys will be on your doorstep rocking out live with a tour to dovetail the release.


Track Listing

1. Suffering The Radio

2. Broken Hearted

3. Poor Disguises

4. The Light We Cannot See

5. Still We Wait

6. Blood

7. Wake Up

8. We Are All Alone

9. Fortunes

10. Silent Horror Movie


4th March – LONDON, Proud Camden

8th April – LEEDS, Key Club (album launch show) 

16th April – BOLTON, B-Festival (Alma Inn)

3rd June – KEIGHLEY, The Exchange

23rd June – DUNDEE, Firefly

24th June – EDINBURGH, Bannermans

8th July – WESTCLIFFE ON SEA, The Venue

11th August – LEEDS, Yorkshire Rock And Bike Show


More dates to be announced.




Danny Lambert – Lead vocals and guitar 

Craig McLaren – Bass and backing vocals 

Lee Brook – Drums and backing vocals 


Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

You Tube / Instagram

Hellbound Hearts – ‘Film Noir’ – Album Review
9Overall Score

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