Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review
Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review 9
Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review 9
Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review 9
Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review 9
Hawthorne Heights - 'Bad Frequencies' - Album Review 9
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Hawthorne Heights are back with their latest album Bad Frequencies. As well as being their first full-length album since 2013, it is also their first with Pure Noise Records. Having self-released their last few EPs, the band made the decision it was time to work with a label again and took their time on finding the right one for them. Hawthorne Heights have always been one of those definitive Emo bands that were one of the first to hit the then new scene back in 2004. The band has always stayed true to their roots and kept their same distinctive sound, and this latest offering is no different.

The first single to be released from the album is ‘Pink Hearts’, which is a very upbeat track. The meaning behind it is all about having fun while you’re young but also finding the point needed to grow up and hope that you haven’t hurt anyone while being selfish and burning through relationships. Despite the deeper meaning, it is definitely one of the catchier tracks on the album. This leads into ‘Crimson Sand’, which takes us back to that sound we first heard with these guys. With lyrics such as ‘rip my heart out and throw it in the ocean’ it is very much that typical Emo track. There are also some great vocals on this track with some screaming thrown in and some group vocals which just heighten this track. The title track from the album has a much darker sound as it opens with vocalist JT Woodruff’s vocals quietly sounding over a repetitive piano. However, don’t be fooled, as it does kick up a gear as it heads into a much heavier sound with more aggressive vocals and steady beat behind them.


Bad Frequencies showcases everything that is Hawthorne Heights. From the upbeat to the screaming, it is exactly what fans have come to expect from this band while still being new and exciting. This band hasn’t had enough yet, and with signing on to a new label, surely there will be more to come.


Bad Frequencies will be released on April 27th through Pure Noise Records.



Track List


  1. ‘In Gloom’
  2. ‘Pink Hearts’
  3. ‘Crimson Sand’
  4. ‘The Perfect Way to Fall Apart’
  5. ‘Just Another Ghost’
  6. ‘Bad Frequencies’
  7. ‘Skylark’
  8. ‘Edge of Town’
  9. ‘Starlighter (Echo, Utah)’
  10. ‘Push Me Away’
  11. ‘The Suicide Mile’
  12. ‘Straight Down the Line’
  13. ‘Pills’


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