Extinction is the third offering from Harlott and, like its predecessors, it is a full on, balls out throwback to the speed/thrash metal days of the 1980s.

The first 50 seconds or so of the opening track ‘Extinction’ are some of the slowest and softest on the entire album. It then proceeds to melt your face with its gritty vocals, serious shredding, atomic drumming and thumping base lines.

Singer Andy Hudson sounds like the love child of Chuck Billy of Testament and Steve Souza of Exodus combined with a little Tom Araya thrown in for good measure, and he has a big sound to back it up musically. Throughout the album it takes you back to the good old speed/thrash metal days and consistently reminds you of what music nowadays should sound like…. fast, hard and in your face.

From ‘Extinction’ to the final track ‘Epitaph,’ you are left breathless with the sheer speed and brutality of each track as it assaults your senses on every level. The first track ‘Extinction’ is one of the standouts of the album, and its trashy sound is carried throughout. It is hard to pick faults in this album, as the band sound extremely tight. If you were to be told this was the tenth rather than the third offering, you wouldn’t be surprised, as they sound that accomplished.

There is a very early Testament/Exodus feel to this album and none more so than on ‘Conflict Revelation,’ with its vocals and fast to slow riffs and solos. If you are a Kreator fan then ‘Final Weapon’ is for you, as Andy channels his inner Mille Petrozza and rips through the lyrics as if he was possessed by the man himself. ‘Epitaph’ closes out the album, and it is a monster track to finish you off and leave you begging for more from these Aussie speedsters.


Track List

  1. 1.     ‘Extinction’
  2. 2.     ‘First World Solutions’
  3. 3.     ‘The Penitent’
  4. 4.     ‘Whore’
  5. 5.     ‘No Past’
  6. 6.     ‘Conflict Revelation’
  7. 7.     ‘Better Off Dead’
  8. 8.     ‘Violent Conspirator’
  9. 9.     ‘And Darkness Brings Light’
  10. 10.   ‘Final Weapon’
  11. 11.   ‘Parasite’
  12. 12.   ‘Epitaph’ 


Harlott line-up:
Andrew Hudson – Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Butler – Lead Guitar
Tomas Richards – Bass
Tim Joyce – Drums

Harlott online:

Reviewed By Conor O’Hanlon
Harlott – ‘Extinction’ – Album Review
9Overall Score
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