Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review
Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review8
Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review8
Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review8
Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review8
Halfnoise - 'Flowerss' - EP Review8
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Zac Farro’s (Paramore) Halfnoise are back with their latest musical education by the way of Flowerss, a seven-track EP to take you on a sonic journey to engage and delight. It’s a trippy psychedelic-infused EP fused with a melodic undercurrent to pull you in track by track.


It’s not your run of the mill recording by any means and one for the independent thinker for sure, but it’s filled with alluring and bewitching tracks that you simply cannot ignore. It has a charming quality to it that will no doubt connect with many fans that want more than the usual cookie cutter Alt-Rock flooding our airwaves day in day out.


Farro is clearing enjoying the freedom a project like Halfnoise allows, with this rhythmic expedition as each track is filled with complex and captivating drum work, none of which detracts from the fine song writing that ebbs and flows across this fine EP.



Flowerss is available now on all DSPs via Congrats Records.





Track List

  1. ‘Flowerss’
  2. ‘She Said’
  3. ‘All That Love Is’
  4. ‘Inter Luau’
  5. ‘Every Single Time’
  6. ‘My Girl’
  7. ‘Always Young’









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