Groblin And The Ballistics are a four-piece from Barrow In Furness, Cumbria. A place that is an industrial town, with a growing underground metal scene and have just released their self-titled debut EP as they look at making their mark on the heavier side of all things metal and grow on the momentum they have built up by supporting Hacktivist last year and causing mayhem locally for the last three years.

This 5 track EP spans 19 minutes or so, however, the impact that this debut makes lasts far longer than that.

The opener ‘Sweet Dreams’ smashes you square between the eyes like a concrete block as this blend of Djent and Progressive Tech Metal is blended with Metalcore to create something not only aggressive but wonderful to listen to. The guitar notes collide, the drums pummel and punish whilst the vocal is full of power, passion, and aggression. It is one hell of a way to open a debut.

‘The Ordeal’ picks up where ‘Sweet Dreams’ left off and continues to bend your mind with an ever-changing bass note that is happily hammered out and the guitars build up to create this intense sound.

‘Bigger Picture’ marks the midpoint of the album but doesn’t show any sign of slowing or weakening as this beast of an EP continues to crush anything in its path. Even the more serene aspects of the track are heavier than most other offerings on the table.

‘Hollow Way’ is the penultimate track and continues its brutal assault on the senses as the genre-defying sound makes its way down your ear canal and batters the drum, however this punishment is very pleasurable.

‘Seeing Red’ is the final offering by the band and is one hell of a way of leaving a closing statement. This is blunt as being hit by an articulated lorry and will leave you in a similar situation, although when this track is done you will want to do it all over again!

Groblin And The Ballistics is as impressive an EP as you are likely to hear, especially when you bear in mind it is the debut. Assuming that the band are hoping that this will make an impact, I struggle to see how it could not. It is heavy, aggressive, technical and brilliant in every aspect. They have created an EP that punishes from the start and makes you yearn for more, which hopefully we will not have to wait long for.

Ed Ford

Groblin And The Ballistics was released Friday 31st January 2020


Track List

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. The Ordeal
  3. Bigger Picture
  4. Hollow Way
  5. Seeing Red


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