London melodic death metallers GraViL are back with their sophomore album ‘No More Forgivness’ released May 5th.  Clearly with no time for bullshit, the guys launch an assault on the senses immediately with the album opener ‘Detonate’ which is brutal from the off, this opening track sets a trend for relentless, punishing and potent song writing.

Written, recorded and produced over 15 months, ‘No More Forgiveness’ is a far heavier album than the bands previous offering ‘Thoughts Of A Rising Sun’, it confronts heavy issues and the society’s woes.  ‘We Are Alive’ tackles just that, with the frustration and fear of change and our inability to adapt addressed. It’s a hard-hitting track laced with passion, and anxiety dripping from its very pores.

Intense and groove laden the album seamlessly moves from one gigantic sounding track to another, like a speeding bullet you’re dragged from one fierce crazy-beautiful anthem to the next and just when you think its all over, there’s another! The ferocity throughout is relentless, ‘Choke In Silence’ is a testament to this fact, an attack on the senses it rips its way through 4 minutes 33 seconds like a savage, and before you know it you’re already beyond the halfway point on this mammoth album.

The guys approached the writing process of this album differently, utilising modern technology a lot of the album was penned online and on telephone.  Cloud technology and home recording equipment were used when possible. The guys embraced this crazy fast paced world and used it to their benefit, the lyrics also penned in only one week allow for a far rawer and more honest approach lyrically. Once penned the guys locked themselves away in a rehearsal studio for 6 wks in a brutal military style boot camp approach to tweak and fine-tune this beauty, before returning to producer Dan Abela to begin recording.

GraViL frontman, lead vocalist and lyricist, Grant Stacey, talks about the album.

“There is a massive sub-context of loss within the new album ‘No More Forgiveness’. 2016 was a brutal year for everyone. Aside from my baby being conceived, I don’t think anyone would mind never talking about it again. The new album deals very heavily with my personal demons. Losing a baby in 2012, I didn’t feel I was able to talk about it or address it. I ended up using it on this album, even the darker side of it. I’ve lost some very good friends for stupid reason. The UK lost the Brexit vote, America lost to Trump. I feel Britain has lost on a politically integral level. On an extremely positive note ‘No More Forgiveness’ has introduced Charlie (guitars) and Perrin (drums) into the writing process, which fitted perfectly as they added a heavier element to the album and Tony (guitars) kept that old school GraViL element running through. With producer Dan Abela returning to record this album, we feel vindicated in our approach, outlook and most importantly- the songs.”

‘Fractured, Divided’ is as raw and personal as it gets. Dealing with the loss of a baby in 2012 Grant put pen to paper and unleashed his emotions into lyrics.  Penning an intimate expression of the loss felt through an unbearable time and the deep cut emotions carried ever since. Enlisting female vocalist Theresa Smith ( Metaprism ) the two pour their heart and soul into a powerful performance.

No rest for the wicked; ‘Decommissioned’ the single from the album is raw and hard-hitting, as Stacey notes, “It deals with betrayal on a huge scale. One of my favourite songs from the album, it’s really punchy and therapeutic, in a twisted kinda way!”  Fast and furious it keeps pace with the rest of the album, relentless in its passion and verve.

All in all GraViL have produced a killer album, dripping in angst and emotion it’s a perfect sound bite for a dejected society frustrated by their surroundings. A majestic follow up to their highly acclaimed first outing. GraViL have undoubtedly broken new ground with this powerful and passionate collection of humongous sounding tracks.

Produced by Dan Alba (Voices, Sarah Jezebel Deva), the new GraViL album ‘No More Forgiveness’ is released 5th May 2017 and is available to pre-order now on iTunes with instant download + stream via Spotify.




GraViL – ‘No More Forgiveness’ – Album Review
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