Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review
Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review9
Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review9
Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review9
Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review9
Graveyard - 'Peace' - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Graveyard bring us their 5thalbum and continue the New Wave of Classic Rock, using their unique blues to tantalise the ear drums. The album bursts of passion, toes tapping tracks, filthy riffs and smooth Blues and Southern Rock that encompasses everything that is brilliant about Graveyard.

‘It Ain’t Over Yet’ opens the album and it has everything, all building on a groove that you can’t help but want to pour a drink and get your rock shoes out.

This continues throughout the album, however Graveyard show that they are more than a one trick pony as they switch up the pace and style on ‘See The Day’ as things are slowed down and the atmosphere changes to a electro-acoustic mood that can only be imagined was recorded in a smoke filled room with a glass of whiskey on the side!

We return back to the upbeat Southern Blues as Graveyard lead us through a fantastic album from start to finish with all tracks having their individual appeal. ‘Walk On’ has a bass groove that leads this stripped back track, matched with minimal drumming and occasional guitar hooks to enhance an already catch tune.

This is one for the ages, and a triumph in so many ways. Whilst this album joins the New Wave of Classic Rock, it takes over and is the level that everyone else now has to try and match.



Peace was released May 25th2018 on Nuclear Blast Records.



Ed Ford


Track Listing

  1. It Ain’t Over Yet
  2. Cold Love
  3. See The Day
  4. Please Don’t
  5. The Fox
  6. Walk On
  7. Del Manic
  8. Bird Of Paradise
  9. A Sign Of Peace
  10. Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)



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