Goya - 'Kathmandu' - Instrumental - EP Review
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Goya are indeed a surprise package, an unexpected instrumental EP in the form of Kathmandu. The opening track ‘Collider’ is reminiscent of an early Joe Satriani riff, a banging track that rips open the EP leaving you begging for more. It feels upbeat, fast and furious, with a dark undercurrent. ‘Venenatus’ is a totally different beast; a melodic intro just lures you into a false sense of security before it unleashes its gritty stoner fury. ‘Ashoka’ again challenges the senses; timing changes take ever changing twists and turns keeping the listener engaged. As the EP wraps up with its self-titled track ‘Kathmandu,’ its dream-like intro just pulls you in one more time. A slow burning send off builds to a crescendo; thumping bass and interweaving runs provide a frantic end to an interesting debut from this ballsy trio.

Kathmandu for sure is one for the independent thinker. Sheep need not apply.


Goya’s debut EP ‘Kathmandu’ is released 8th December 2017.

Track List

  1. ‘Collider’
  2. ‘Venenatus’
  3. ‘Ashoka’
  4. ‘Kathmandu’






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