Gov’t Mule

Revolution Come … Revolution Go

Album Review

This is the tenth studio album by the awesome Gov’t Mule and doesn’t stray too far from the formula that makes them so good as a band. This is a diverse album musically though, it ranges from Soul, Funk, Blues, Gospel through to Rock and anything in between.The album sets off at a blistering pace with the full on ‘Stone Cold Rage,’ with its funky rocking beat and Haynes’s gravel-toned vocals. This is followed by another drum-fuelled, guitar-driven Blues Rock tune in ‘Drawn That Way.’ The pace lifts half way through with a guitar master class and a constant driving drum beat till the end.

The pace slows to a mid tempo track called ‘Pressure Under Fire’ before we are treated to a musical journey with ‘The Man I Want to Be,’ as soulful a ballad as you will hear anywhere, with a gospel feel that lifts you when the chorus kicks in. This is a powerful track, musically and lyrically.Pace slows down for the start of ‘Traveling Tune’ before you’re taken on a journey lyrically accompanied beautifully by a subtle lap steel guitar that gives it a country vibe. You could easily mistake this for an Allman Brothers song from the ’70s.

‘Thorns of Life’ is a quieter type of song that builds to a crescendo before slowing back down towards the end, with Haynes’s guitar work prevalent throughout.We are treated to a real gem of a track next with the thought provoking ‘Dreams & Songs’ before we are hit with ‘Sarah Surrender’ with its jazzy feel, all about the mysterious Sarah.Next is the title track ‘Revolution Come Revolution Go’ with its instant funky bluesy beat. The track is over eight minutes long, and about halfway through we are treated to the full musicology of the band with lots of solos from all involved.‘Burning Point’ is a supercharged guitar-driven track with a cameo by the great Jimmie Vaughan.Next up we have the slow burning ‘Easy Times’ with its reflective lyrics beautifully put across by the gritty voice of Haynes.

We end this album with a track originally recorded by Blind Willie Johnson as an instrumental, to which Haynes has added lyrics. It is a fitting end to a very good album and has a Gospel Rock feel to it.If you are already a fan of Gov’t Mule then this is going to be a good addition to your collection. If this is your first taste, then this album does show all the musical capabilities of a seasoned band with great musicians.


Favourite tracks are ‘Stone Cold Rage,’ ‘The Man I Want To Be’ and ‘Traveling Tune.’


Track List


  1. ‘Stone Cold Rage’
  2. ‘Drawn That Way’
  3. ‘Pressure Under Fire’
  4. ‘The Man I Want to Be’
  5. ‘Traveling Tune’
  6. ‘Thorns of Life’
  7. ‘Dreams & Songs’
  8. ‘Sarah Surrender’
  9. ‘Revolution Come, Revolution Go’
  10. ‘Burning Point’
  11. ‘Easy Times’
  12. ‘Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground’


Gov’t Mule are Warren Haynes (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Matt Abts (Drums), Danny Louis (Keyboards, Guitar and Backing Vocals) and Jorgen Carlsson (Bass).





Gov’t Mule - 'Revolution Come … Revolution Go' - Album Review
10Overall Score
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