Glenn Hughes has left the building! In his wake he has left a face melting, mind blowing, jaw dropping audio extravaganza that cannot be ignored. Side effects could include euphoria, stimulation, erotic nightmares, and possible transportation to an outer body experience like no other!

Glenn has penned 11 brutally powerful statements of intent that only advocate his status as a rock legend. Right from the off with the albums first track and initial single ‘Heavy’ it grabs you by the balls and just doesn’t let go. Signature vocals, pounding rhythms and intriguing bass runs, the albums preface is like a blow to the head that you just don’t quite recover from.

‘My Town’ beautifully compliments ‘Heavy’ with its pulsating rhythmic qualities swallowing you up in its melodic layers and sumptuous vocals, it perfectly takes you on a journey through ‘Resonate’ that links you to ‘Flow’ and its huge wall of sound, unexpectedly so, a song so heavy that I had a “what the f**k” moment! but again a rhythm so thick with bass that you almost come out of it feeling dirty to the core – as heavy a number as you’re likely to hear this year; pounding at your very core with every thump of that 4 string.

‘Let It Shine’ resonates like a drum in an empty room with its chunky nucleus pounding out every note, just pulling you in more and more with every beat. It has taken ‘Resonate’ for me to appreciate Glenn’s input into his earlier collaboration with Black Country Communion and Joe Bonamassa, as it would have been easy to assume a lot of the heavy and intricate melodies in the core of those albums were influenced by Joe’s guitar work, but alas there is a lot of Glenn’s impact and undeniable talent screaming through on ‘Resonate’ to remind any BCC fans that Mr Hughes ain’t nobody’s passenger.

‘God Of Money’ heavy from the outset and dripping in quality just forces you to rock your body to the core regardless of your surrounding, ‘How Long’ opens with a keyboard solo from Lachy Doley unheard of from that days of Yngwie Malmsteen and his partner in crime Jens Johansson, which has luscious vocals and a hook that just keeps that artificial high going on for a few more minutes, building to crescendo at the end fitting for the conclusion of any live show. Finally we are given the opportunity to catch our breaths with the graceful melody of ‘When I Fall’ a delicately delivered ballad again with vocals that are simply magnetic, an ethereal track, reminiscent of one of my favourite LA based bands Dada, luring you into a false sense of security that you have time to rest.

‘Landmines’ funks you right outta your chair once again with a dazzling guitar lick and erotic bass line, this funky psychedelic ensemble is a thing of beauty and a slight deviation from the heavy hard hitting foundation of ‘Resonate’ but a welcome one, exquisite in its delivery it simply screams sheer class. Few can deliver such a polished album it’s highly evident that Hughes simply is on another level. ‘Stumble & Go’ rocks in as the albums penultimate track, with a subconsciously recognisable chord phrasing (Neil Young – ‘Rocking In The Free World’) you automatically love the track already without realising why.

‘Long Time Gone’ closes strongly and takes you back down briefly with its gentle opening lines before going for the jugular once again with a rock, funk combo and before you know it, you’re experiencing cold turkey, trying to kick your addiction as you reach for repeat, repeat, repeat.

Resonate is simply one of the finest albums of 2016, it has to be a contender for album of the year, beautifully cohesive, an unexpected package that strikes a chord on so many levels, it honestly is going to be hard to beat.

“Resonate” will be available in two configurations: regular cd and deluxe edition including one bonus track and DVD. Vinyl release will be made available via the Frontiers’ label partners Soulfood Music.

The Deluxe Edition includes the bonus track “Nothing’s The Same”, plus a bonus DVD disc featuring the “Making of” the album documentary – “Heavy” (song video), and “Long Time Gone” (song video).




  1. HEAVY
  2. MY TOWN
  3. FlOW
  10. STUMBLE & GO


Glenn Hughes: All Vocals, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Soren Andersen: Guitars
Pontus Enborg: Drums & Percussion
Lachy Doley: Keyboards
Chad Smith: Drums on “Heavy” & “Long Time Gone”

Produced by Glenn Hughes & Soren Andersen

Glenn Hughes - 'Resonate' - Album Review
10Overall Score

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