Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review 10
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review 10
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review 10
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review 10
Gama Bomb - Speed Between The Lines - Album Review 10
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Hailing from Northern Ireland these Thrash metalers have gone all out maniac for their latest release Speed Between The Lines, at times manic, always full throttle and excellent fun. It is so refreshing to hear a band over ten years old sticking to their roots and possibly pushing the boat out even more stylistically, in essence these guys rock big time.

While they are serious musicians with an abundance of talent they make their music most of the time balls out, tongue in cheek good old fashion fun. It is like a breath of fresh air to hear Thrash being played to this level as these guys can shred big time as the opener “Give Me Leather” can attest to, screaming out of the traps, it is a million miles an hour with a seriously catchy riff. The pace never lets up as you are thrown head first into “A Hanging” , a really strong song that showcases what these guys have to offer, massive drums, amazing guitars and vocals from Philly Byrne that are unbelievable. “666Teen” is a horror Thrash fest with big beats and even bigger guitars, a ripper track.

“Bring Out The Monster” starts out with a blistering drum beat that runs all the way through and a massive riff, and is one of the best tracks on the album not just for its musical prowess but because it has a Rocky Horror Show feel to it, completely out of its head and tongue so far in cheek it is hard not to like it, but musicianship that you will find hard to beat. The ability these guys have individually and collectively is astounding and it is hard to find a track that isn’t as good as the last. “R.I.P. U.” and “Motorgeist” continue in much the same vein, metal thrashing madness and it is brilliant, fast solos, heavy riffs and an atomic drum beats. “Alt Reich” gets a little heavy on the content as much as the music with their own commentary on the rise of right wing populism a brutal track with a funky edge.

“Kurt Russell” is an ode to the one and only, set to a Speed Metal backdrop like no other, telling you all how a night on the tiles with the Hollywood legend would go in matching leather jackets getting locked on cider and partaking in a little weed, classic. “Faceblaster” closes the album out in much the same way that it started right in your face and full blast!!!


Speed Between The Lines is released Oct 12th Via AFM Records and is not to be missed.




‘Speed Between The Lines’, set for release by AFM Records on October 12th 2018, is the sixth studio album from the band in 16 years. The album will be available as CD, clear yellow gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), turquoise gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), clear/red gatefold and vinyl red/black splatter (ltd. to 100 units) which is exclusively available in the AFM webshop.

Pre-order link:

01.  Give Me Leather
02.  A Hanging
03.  666teen
04.  Bring Out The Monster
05.  R.I.P. U
06.  Motorgeist
07.  Alt-Reich
08.  Stay Rotten
09.  We R Going 2 Eat U
10.  Kurt Russell
11.  World Gone To Hell
12.  Faceblaster

Philly Byrne – Vocals, Domo Dixon – Lead Guitar, John Roche – Lead Guitar, Joe McGuigan – Bass And Vocals, Paul Caffrey – Drums

Photo credit for Philly & the Monster: Brid Ni Lausaigh

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