Ash Wilson has landed with his debut album Broken Machine, a family affair with brother Phil Wilson who produced, mixed and co wrote on the album too. Beautifully produced Ash Wilson takes you on a journey of styles and influences, impeccably told through 10 finely penned tracks from his take on life to observations of the modern world.

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Right from the off with the album opener ‘Show Me How To Love You’ the sense of intent is immediate from Ash’s big tone and screaming guitar licks.  An attention grabber it seductively pulls you in squeezing your curiosity about what is yet to come. A change of pace for ‘World’s Gone Crazy’ delving into the madness of 2016 and the fears of what’s yet to come, before a slick little blues number in ‘Peace And Love’ delicately showcasing Ash’s assorted talents as a guitar slinger. The self-titled ‘Broken Machine’ with its big rocking riff at its core turns up the heat, a sexy solo to boot and thumping rhythm sublimely delivered make for a mouth-watering proposition live. ‘With Words Of A Woman’ one of the album highlights for me, another take on modern life, infidelity and Ash’s observations of a relationship disintegrating in front of him.  Melodic and powerfully told with solo work reaching critical mass in a crescendo, it’s the perfect example of what is yet to come from Ash and the potential within.

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‘Out Of Time’ lightens the mood once again, an up-tempo number, before ‘The Hitcher’ with its cinematic quality and feel. Rich in a Texas Blues vibe and screeching solo tone, you can feel the pain and anguish through each tearing note.  Hypnotic and intense it is another highlight on the album. ‘Hold On Now’ slams in with a huge intro telling the story of self-destruction and frustration via a wall of noise and distortion.  The albums penultimate track ‘Lonely Room’ again offers a change of pace and diversity from Ash before ‘Holding Hands’, the albums finale, and a fine ending to an enticing debut.


Wilson has shown his quality throughout with a diverse yet cohesive collection of finely penned tunes.  A perfect introduction to an exciting artist with an undoubtedly successful and highly anticipated future ahead of him, I look forward to see what Ash will bring in the forthcoming years.  It really is an exciting time for British blues with so many world class artists leading the way from our shores, and I know Ash will be knocking on that door as the years progress. Wilson Brothers Music Via Cadiz Music release Ash Wilsons debut album Broken Machine on Friday April 21st





Track Listing


1)    Show Me How To Love You

2)    Worlds Gone Crazy

3)    Peace And Love

4)    Broken Machine

5)    Words Of A Woman

6)    Out Of Time

7)    The Hitcher

8)    Hold On Now

9)    Lonely Room

10) Holding Hands


Ash Wilson - 'Broken Machine' - Album Review
9Overall Score

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