‘Gospel Untold’ kicks the doors off its hinges as a blistering opener to this slayer of a debut album from newcomers From Eden To Exile. Winners of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses (Corby finals) and seen live at the prestigious festival in 2015 on the New Blood stage, Northampton modern Metal band From Eden To Exile have announced they’ll release their debut album Modern Disdain on 2nd June, via Attic Records/PHD.

Aggressive from the off, the British quintet unleash an impressive and authoritative grasp on proceedings, and do not let go throughout. Title Track ‘Modern Disdain’ further encapsulates the boy’s essence with a darker riff-driven monster of a song. Recorded and produced by Neil Hudson (Krysthla/Gutworm) at Initiate Audio and Media Studios in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, From Eden To Exile’s debut album wastes no time in grabbing the listener by the throat and showcasing impressive song crafting that points to a young band with an abundance of potential ahead of them.

High intensity riff-driven songs with Matt Dyne’s growling and screaming vocals make for a powerful combination. The album flows effortlessly, with the young bloodthirsty band ripping their way across eight blistering tracks with ease. “It’s been an extraordinary time,” says vocalist Matt Dyne. “We’ve taken our time and sweated bullets nailing this album to the point where everyone in the band can honestly look each other in the eye and confidently state this is the best of us, right now.’ ‘Yet there’s much more in the tank,” continues guitarist Tom Kelland. “Working with Neil at Initiate really opened our minds as to the possibilities with our music. The boxes we may have felt confined to in the past have been stripped away and we firmly believe we’ve got something really solid to offer the metal community.”

Producer Neil Hudson certainly brought the best out of this industrious group; his production on both Krysthla and From Eden To Exile is testament to that. Flawless production and first class song writing simply magnifies the quality within.  Hudson was quick to spot the potential of the group, and took them under his wing, providing not just his skills as a producer, but also mentoring the group. “From Eden To Exile are going to make serious waves with this album. Make no mistake. From start to finish it’s an absolute monster!” states Hudson.

You can’t help but agree, it’s a brutal album from the off, dynamic and beautifully executed. From Eden To Exile have certainly spoken and will not be ignored.


From Eden To Exile’s debut album ‘Modern Disdain’ is released 2nd June, via Attic Records/PHD.


31st March RUSHDEN, Rushden Athletic Club (w/ The Darkhorse)
1st April CAMBRIDGE, The Portland Arms (Daze Of Tron Festival)
9th April LEICESTER, Firebug
29th April
3rd June KETTERING, The Prince Of Wales (w/ Krysthla)

More dates to be announced…

Modern Disdain Track List

1. ‘Gospel Untold’
2. ‘Modern Disdain’
3. ‘Volatile’
4. ‘Victim’
5. ‘The Dreamer’
6. ‘From Eden To Exile’
7. ‘What You’ve Done’
8. ‘Sentiment’

From Eden To Exile is:  

Matt Dyne – Vocals
Tom Kelland – Guitars
Joey Jaycock – Bass
Mike Bell – Guitars
Liam Turland – Drums



From Eden To Exile – 'Modern Disdain' – Album Review
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