Follow the Cipher - 'Follow the Cipher' - Album Review
Follow The Cipher 9
Follow The Cipher 9
Follow The Cipher 9
Follow The Cipher 9
Follow The Cipher 9
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Forming in 2014, Swedish band Follow the Cipher bring their debut album to the world and display another Scandinavian band that have the potential to be huge.

Their unique blend of Symphonic and Power Metal whilst utilising electronica and synthesisers provide a twist and create the Cipher sound.

The guitars are punchy and industrial, creating a powerful sound, whilst the drums lead from the back with the foundations for everything else to be built upon. The soaring vocals provided by female lead Linda Toni Grahn mix with the occasional growl and backing aggression. This is an album full of anthems with a massive sound.

There is also a cover of ‘Carolus Rex’ by Sabaton as a tribute to their friends who they have worked alongside through the years.

This is a very strong debut album where Follow the Cipher have made their intentions to dominate the Metal world very clear, and there will be many bands sitting up and taking notice.


Follow The Cipher is available now via Nuclear Blast.


Ed Ford




Track List

  1. ‘Enter the Cipher’
  2. ‘Valkyria’
  3. ‘My Soldier’
  4. ‘Winterfall’
  5. ‘Titan’s Call’
  6. ‘The Rising’
  7. ‘A Mind’s Escape’
  8. ‘Play With Fire’
  9. ‘I Revive’
  10. ‘Starlight’
  11. ‘Carolus Rex’



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