Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review
Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review7
Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review7
Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review7
Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review7
Fizzy Blood - Pink Magic - EP Review7
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Pink Magic is the third EP by the Leeds band Fizzy Blood and by their own admission, they have been trying to find their identity and now they feel that they are where they wish to be, that being a band that excites all kinds of music fans.

This EP begins that mission with the EP title, which is a brash, in your face opening of this selection of tracks, with a heavy edged pop punk feel to it, with a clean impressively authoritative vocal to match. The chorus is soon sung along with and this certainly creates a feel good factor with some added oomph and a sprinkle of angst.

Up next is love song ‘CFO’ which has more of Rock feeling to it as the sound gets heavier and a little distorted and then the chorus bursts into life, this is a certain fan favourite and is bound to be a big live track.

‘Strangers’ is hot on the heels with an Indie style track oozing smoothness. Slower paced than the previous tracks and loosing that edge to produce another angle to the EP again displaying the bands wish to do what they want without being pigeonholed.

Closing the EP is ‘Illusion’ which returns to a lighter feel Rock feel with the band in full swing and creating music that it sounds like they have enjoyed making, which makes it enjoyable to hear.

This is a solid EP with differing styles creating a 4-track blast of Rock fused music covering different styles and continues the progress already underway as a band.


Ed Ford


Pink Magic is released 14thSeptember 2018 on Killing Moon & Alya Records

Track Listing

  1. Pink Magic
  2. CFO
  3. Strangers
  4. Illusion

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