For The Fallen Dreams - 'Six' - Album Review
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As the title of this release would suggest this is the sixth release by the four-piece hailing from Lansing, Michigan and the first for nearly 4 years.

The album bursts into life with the opener ‘Stone’ and introduces new listeners to the bands Metalcore style with the strong bass, crisp drums and Hardcore vocals meshed with the clean vocals to provide the contrast like so many of their peers, Alazka for example.

This continues through the album with plenty of aggression that is transferred through the entire drum kit, the punchy guitars and hefty vocals.

‘Forever’ raises the aggression stakes in a powerful, slower but deliberate track with very few clean lyrics.

With ‘Hypnosis’ a new aspect is introduced with the inclusion of whispers making it a triple approach to this track and it adds a nice little extra.

In a crowded Metalcore arena bands need to have something to stand out from the crowd, For The Fallen Dreams have drawn on their years of experience to release a solid, tight sounding album that fans will be sure to enjoy and welcome them back from their short break.

Ed Ford

Six is available for pre-order here.


Track Listing

  1. Stone
    2. The Undertow
    3. Unstoppable
    4. Forever
    5. Burning Season
    6. Two Graves
    7. Ten Years
    8. Hypnosis
    9. Void
    10. The Storm





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