Return to the Void 

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Norway’s Execration are not reinventing the wheel here, although one look back at their three previous albums and you will find a band that have attempted a few different sounds and styles.

They haven’t quite found their own sound yet, although this could be the one that brings them to a wider audience. It’s a blend Dark and Black Metal, Thrash and Death in style with reasonably easy to understand lyrics beneath the fierce bellows from guitarist and front man Christian Johansen. The band have been telling us in the build up to this album that they have trimmed away the fat from previous efforts, that this is a more rounded, less bloated slice of Metal. A wise choice indeed as it’s a very lean slice of Metal.

‘Hammers of Vulcan’ would be the first real showcase of the Prog elements that the band fuse into their sound, although they may wander here and there with their guitars to create emotion and cause a mellow hand to rip out through the blackness.

‘Nekrocosm’ follows and is an ugly as sin contender for the best song on show here.

The band have all their influences lined up for sure here, think Darkthrone, Entombed, In Solitude, and you will be there more or less. Their slower dreamier elements take you back to moments from the excellence of Death and that is very evident on the track ‘Cephalic Transmissions.’ There is a real surge of power here for an album that has yet to lag or run out of its fiery steam.

The band have their thinking caps on; this album could cross into a divide of metal heads. There are some very catchy moments built in here such as ‘Unicursal Horrorscope,’ which is very memorable.

The band themselves speak of this as something they are truly proud of, and one where lessons are learnt from before. That is brave talking indeed, but they truly back their candour up, job done.


Execration Return to the Void is out now via Metal Blade Records.


Track List


  1. ‘Eternal Recurrence’ (00:00)
  2. ‘Hammers of Vulcan’ (04:57)
  3. ‘Nekrocosm’ (9:57)
  4. ‘Cephalic Transmissions’ (14:14)
  5. ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ (21:59)
  6. ‘Unicursal Horrorscope’ (22:51)
  7. ‘Through the Oculus’ (29:57)
  8. ‘Return to the Void’ (31:05)
  9. ‘Det Uransakelige Dyp’ (35:45)


Execration is:
Cato Syversrud – Drums
Christian Johansen – Guitar / Vocals
Jørgen Maristuen – Guitar / Vocals
Jonas Helgemo – Bass










Execration 'Return to the Void' Album Review
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