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The long awaited new album from Evanescence is finally upon us. 11 years since the release of their last album Amy Lee and the band are back with new takes on old classics plus 2 brand new tracks. For months we have heard about the band using a live orchestra to back up their sounds and it’s just as amazing as it sounds. Along with the orchestra the band have been adding electronic synthesis to their tracks as well. Evanescence Synthesis is here.

One of the new tracks released is “Imperfection” and is one of the more upbeat tracks that has been released by the band. With a very electronic feel and fast lyrics it’s definitely a highlight from the album as well as being new material. Lee’s voice is spectacular and the track has a feel to it that is similar to some of their earlier material. The mix between band, orchestra and synthesis is a blend that works together perfectly and gives the track more depth. You can watch the official video here:

One of the more highly awaited tracks we’ve all been waiting to here is “Bring Me To Life”. The original track shot the band to fame and while many bands would be afraid to change the formula that got them to where they are, Evanescence is not. The track is definitely more haunting with the orchestra playing and is certainly more epic. Lee has previously said that she prefers the new version and it’s easy to see why.

“Lithium” is another track that has seen a new take. Lee’s voice has always been haunting when heard against her piano but this takes a whole new level. With the violins behind her the track becomes something more than the original version and is beautiful to listen to.

The whole album is something that is a perfect blend that only evanescence could bring together. With classic songs such as “My Immortal” and “Secret Door”, it’s difficult to imagine them without the orchestra as it is the perfect blend. The synthesis that is clearly heard compliments each track.


It will certainly be something epic to see these new tracks played live when the band tour the new album along with the orchestra.


Synthesis is released on the 10th November through Sony Records


Track list:

2.Never Go Back (from Evanescence)
3.Hi-Lo(featuring Lindsey Stirling)
4.My Heart Is Broken (from Evanescence)
5.Lacrymosa (from The Open Door)
6.The End of the Dream (from Evanescence)
7.Bring Me to Life (from Fallen)
8.Unraveling (interlude)
9.Imaginary (from Fallen)
10.Secret Door (from Evanescence)
11.Lithium (from The Open Door)
12.”Lost in Paradise” (from Evanescence)
13.Your Star (from The Open Door)
14.My Immortal (from Fallen)
15.The In-Between (piano solo)


Fri 30 Mar – Royal Festival Hall, London
Sat 31 Mar – Royal Festival Hall, London
Mon 2 Apr – O2 Apollo, Manchester
Tue 3 Apr – Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham
Thu 5 Apr – SEC Armadillo, Glasgow
Sat 6 Apr – Sheffield City Hall



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